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We are committed to delivering excellence

FenTec Ltd is your partner in finding technical solutions to the challenging environment of the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry.

With our experience and focus on performance FenTec Ltd guarantees a personal and hands on approach to make it work. Our engineers have gained a wealth of experience working on both onshore and offshore projects worldwide we have a proven track record in both the development and operation of the latest processes and developments within the pipe lay industry


Safety is of up-most importance to us at FenTec. We strive to make a hazardous free environment for both staff and clients alike.

Innovative Designs

Innovative designs bringing us to the forefront of industry. We offer class leading heating and technology.


Exceptional workmanship that meets both our demanding internal requirements and also clients requirements

Design & Manufacturing

Bespoke design and manufacturing process which works with the client every step of the way to guarantee a personal approach to make your project a success.



We can add value to any pipeline project across following areas:
– Induction Heating Specialists
– BGAS certified inspectors (CSWIP)
– PQT support services
– PPT support services
– All aspects of Field Joint Coating
– Heat profile technical assessments
– Reports to assist in new project equipment selection
– Supplying reports to assess current equipment suitability




Specialists in the design of bespoke Water cooled induction coils:

– Designed and manufactured to meet your specific project requirements
– Optimised design of equipment with an emphasis on ease and speed of
   maintenance by a standardised approach to replacement parts
– Integrated safety systems and machine protection
– Ergonomic design to allow for one man operation
– Weight optimisation by the use of lightweight yet strong composite materials


Specialist provider of fully integrated induction systems:

– Standard 20ft Container based solutions consisting of
– Either integrated chilled water, sea water or air blast cooling systems
– Integrated induction power source to match your application requirements
– Integrated control system ranging from manual operation to a fully
   automated PLC controlled HMI system

Meet Our Dedicated Team:


Phone – (+44) (0) 7852 251 515

Email – Jeanette@fentec.ltd.uk



  • Invertors
    February 22, 2018
  • Servicing and Maintenance of Legacy Equipment
    March 26, 2018
  • Cap rack Boxes
    February 22, 2018
  • IMPP Coils
    February 21, 2018
  • HSS Coils
    February 21, 2018
  • Weld Pre Heat Coils
    February 16, 2018
  • Container Based Systems
    February 22, 2018
  • Generators
    February 22, 2018
  • Dual Fluidised Powder Unit
    February 22, 2018
  • Spare parts available for all machines
    February 22, 2018