Its a wrap!

Its a wrap! Another repeat order being prepared for dispatch to a valued customer.

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A New Enquiry…

The power of LinkedIn, following a recent post we received an enquiry from a potential customer with a few questions: Are you able to accommodate custom applications in a short time frame? Can you through heat a 1.9” WT pipe. So, what better place to start than our proven platform that is configurable as either an air-cooled coil up to 150Kw or an advanced water-cooled coil up to 500Kw.

Watch this space…

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Best way to heat a 20.0″ x 1.1″ WT steel pipe

Question: What is the best way to heat a 20.0″ x 1.1″ WT steel pipe?

Answer: Using FenTec’s closed loop controlled 350Kw Weld Pre Heat coil. Your first choice for a fast and reliable heat profile every time!

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Completion of Heat Shrink application

Following the completion of a test piece, which surpassed the MOD inspection criteria, it was all systems go! We took delivery of over 140 components for shrink fit assembly. Using one of our high efficiency induction heating coils coupled to a 500kW invertor we processed all the components applying a controlled uniform heat profile. This accurately controlled heating process ensured a on spec product delivered in a efficient manner.

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Myth busting Trials

Our customer had been of the opinion that induction heating was a complex and costly operation. They had also been advised that uniform heating throughout the work-piece may be a problem due to the “skin effect”, just some of the common myths surrounding induction heating.

The following myth busting video shows our high-powered induction heating system slashing cycle times from >50minutes to <4minutes.

However, power is nothing without control; While our intelligent system is able to exploit the benefits of “skin effect” at the same time it can also overcome its effects when a uniformly heated work-piece is required for example weld pre-heat of heavy wall material.

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Latest weld preheat system testing

Been a busy week for the team, we received an enquiry from a client on Monday asking if we could supply a weld preheat system that would be faster than the one they are currently using.

After doing a few calculations and setting up some equipment in our test area we have completed a series of tests that have far exceeded our clients expectations.

Reducing preheating time, improving the temperature control and extending the heat retention time.